4RV Releases 7 books so far in 2008

4RV Publishing has released seven books so far in 2008, and two more will come out before Christmas.

The Children’s Division has four, counting the two coming out in the next two weeks: Trockle by Holly Jahangiri and illustrated by Jordan M. Vinyard;

Lion in the Living Room by Caelaach McKinna and illustrated by A.R. Stone;

Angeline Jellybean by Crystalee Calderwood and illustrated by Stephen Macquignon;

and Colors by Dana Warren and illustrated by Stephen Macquignon.

The middle grade novels include Case of the Missing Coach by V. Gilbert Zabel;

Bubba & Giganto: Odds Against Us by Lea Schizas;

State of Wilderness by Elysabeth Eldering and illustrated by Aidana WillowRaven;

and Prairie Dog Cowboy by V. Gilbert Zabel and illustrated by Jordan M. Vinyard.

The second in the Junior Geography Detective Squad series by Eldering, State of Quarries, is scheduled for December.

Midnight Hours, the mystery/suspense/thriller by Vivian Gilbert Zabel, was launched in August.

The company has over twenty books in the schedule for 2009, and is beginning to schedule books for 2010.

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